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else ander
else (o) [general] zoniet (o) [general]
else (o) [general] anders (o) [general]
else (o) [adverb] meer (o) {n} [adverb]
else (o) [adverb] nog (o) [adverb]

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EN Synoniemen voor else NL Vertalingen
other [part of speech] autre
different [part of speech] différent
extra [part of speech] supplémentaire
additional [part of speech] additionnel
as well as [over and above] et
aside from [over and above] autre que
beyond [over and above] au-dessus de
apart from [over and above] en plus de
besides [over and above] du reste
further [addition] davantage
added [addition] additionné
more [addition] davantage
another [addition] encore un
new [addition] nouveau
otherwise [under different conditions] ou bien