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certainly (o) [conviction] vanzelfsprekend (o) [conviction]
certainly (o) [conviction] jawel (o) [conviction]
certainly (o) [conviction] natuurlijk (o) [conviction]
certainly (adv) [emphatic affirmative answer] en of (adv) [emphatic affirmative answer]
certainly (o) [conviction] en of (o) [conviction]
EN Engels NL Nederlands
certainly (o) [conviction] reken maar (o) [conviction]
certainly (adv) [emphatic affirmative answer] voorzeker (adv) [emphatic affirmative answer]
certainly (o) [conviction] voorzeker (o) [conviction]
certainly (o) [conviction] uiteraard (o) [conviction]
certainly bepaald
certainly vast
certainly (o) [conviction] zeker (o) [conviction]
certainly (o) [conviction] zonder twijfel (o) [conviction]
certainly (o) [conviction] stellig (o) [conviction]
certainly (adv) [emphatic affirmative answer] beslist (adv) [emphatic affirmative answer]
certainly (o) [conviction] beslist (o) [conviction]
certainly (o) [conviction] ongetwijfeld (o) [conviction]
certainly (o) [conviction] onbetwistbaar (o) [conviction]
certainly (o) [conviction] absoluut (o) [conviction]
certainly (o) [conviction] waarachtig (o) [conviction]
certainly (o) [conviction] inderdaad (o) [conviction]
certainly (adv) [emphatic affirmative answer] zeker (adv) [emphatic affirmative answer]

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EN Synoniemen voor certainly NL Vertalingen
truly [no kidding] (formal по-настоя́щему (adv)
of course [expression of pleasure] конечно
thank you [expression of pleasure] мерси́ (int n)
excellent [expression of pleasure] чуде́сный (adj)
by all means [expression of pleasure] ра́ди бо́га (adv)
charmed [expression of pleasure] впечатлённый (adj)
delighted [expression of pleasure] восто́рженный (adj)
without fail [of course] как штык (adv)
surely [of course] несомне́нно (adv)
unquestionably [of course] несомне́нно (adv)
undeniably [indispensably] я́вно (adv)
actually [fact] на са́мом де́ле (adv)
sincerely [really] и́скренне (adv)
verily [really] уве́ренно (adv)
thoroughly [completely] совсе́м (adv)
confidently [assuredly] уве́ренно (adv)
even if [in any case] да́же е́сли (adv)
whether [in any case] и́ли ... и́ли (conj)